New Year Treat: NewSoftSerial 10

Posted on January 7th, 2010 at 11:47 am by


NewSoftSerial 10 is available for testing. There are a number of fun new features to play with, including support for 20MHz processors and Arduino siblings like the Teensy and Teensy++.  I’ve also added a destructor (and an end()) so that you can employ temporary NewSoftSerial objects, for example:

if (need_to_check_GPS)
  NewSoftSerial gpsconn(6, 3);
} // Object is destroyed/cleaned up here

Another useful new feature is the support for serial devices which use inverted TTL signalling — where “HIGH” is 0 and “LOW” 1. To enable automatic inversion, simply provide a boolean “true” as the third parameter in the constructor:

NewSoftSerial nssinv(3, 2, true); //uses inverted signalling

Could someone please test? I don’t have any inverse logic devices.

Many thanks to Garrett Mace and Paul Stoffregen for their contributions!

Update: Please upgrade to version 10c.  10b was a defective posting.