The Evolution of the Reverse Geocache™

Posted on March 16th, 2013 at 8:59 pm by


Back in 2009 we published the story of the first Reverse Geocache™ Puzzle.  This site has since been a little bit schizophrenic, with articles on Arduino libraries on the one hand, and updates to the famous puzzle box story on the other.  Well, today we announce a brand new website dedicated to all things to do with the Reverse Geocache, especially in its new form, the brand new Sundial Quest Box™.

The new site will be the central repository for all things to do with the Quest Box: stories of great puzzle box quests, instructions and materials for building your own Reverse Geocache, and a nice collection of rare heirloom-quality boxes to purchase. Arduino-specific notes and libraries will stay here at, and this site will continue to grow.

A wide variety of people should be interested in the new site:


People who want to buy Quest Boxes can now do so directly at the Sundial Shop. These really are fabulous. Check them out.


Builders will be especially interested in the Notes for Builders section, which offers kits and instructions to make the build process simpler than ever.

People who love a good story

The heart of the new is the story. These are stories of real people going on real puzzle box quests, many with amazing outcomes. Did you know that as of today at least 14 couples have become engaged with rings hidden in puzzle boxes? It’s true! Read more at the new